Because I just love “Hello, Dolly!” and it was brought up in this week’s reading, I wanted to share this video:

The use of references in this text is really interesting. They seem to be classical/religious or super pop culture-y. I found this scene to be particularly interesting because it dragged the reference out and used a lot of the lyrics from the musical: “Hello, Dolly. This is Lewis, Dolly. It’s so nice to have you back where you belong. You’re looking swell, Dolly. I can tell, Dolly. You’re still growing, you’re still going, you’re still going strong… ” (111). In a way, the lyrics “It’s so nice to have you back where you belong” (111) made me think of being grounded; of being at a sane point after being at an insane point.

Another thing I found interesting was the imagery that connected to birth. I found a lot of things being talked about as a “womb,” being connected to “umbilical cords,” etc., throughout the whole novel. Is there a connection to some sort of rebirth happening?

We talked a little bit about the biblical feeling of the garden and this week Adam and Eve was brought up. There were moments of the gardening scene that made me think of John Milton’s Paradise Lost and the reference to Adam and Eve confirmed that for me. I remember reading a theory that proposed Milton writing Paradise Lost as a way to rebel against scientific advances at the time. Adam and Eve were expected to care for the garden, but not take full control over the garden. The gardeing in A Question of Power shows Elizabeth in a place where she is not in control, but she is caring for something. It’s interesting to point out because when she is going through her mental breakdowns, it is another time she is not in control.


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